Facts and Tips for Disney World Tickets

All Tips on this Page Apply to Walt Disney World Only
(Other Disney parks around the world have different systems)

  • All standard one day Disney tickets allow you to visit only one park per day. This means that if you go to Magic Kingdom on Monday of your trip, you cannot visit any other park, such as EPCOT, that same day). This also means you cannot reuse that one day ticket on another day (each standard one day ticket only buys admission to one park for one day). However, if you buy a Park Hopper ticket (also know as a Multi-Day ticket), this type of ticket allows you to visit as many of the parks as you wish on a single day. Though if you want to be able to park hop each day of your trip, you will need to purchase separate “Park Hopper” tickets for each of those days.
  • Walt Disney World tickets are no longer paper tickets. When we went to Disney World for the first time 21 years ago, we had paper “Forever” tickets. We actually had a day left for each of us and got to use those tickets for admission 20 years after they were first purchased! Now Disney tickets are plastic cards that are scanned at the theme park entrances (sort of like a credit card, except you tap the scanner rather than swipe) rather than paper. However, if you have a MagicBand or receive a MagicBand complimentary with your Disney resort stay, you may not actually receive a plastic card version of your ticket since your tickets are loaded onto your MagicBand. You may also receive a ticket/ticket number by email that you can print off (which I recommend doing just in case), though you probably won’t use it unless you loose your card or MagicBand.
  • Disney World tickets expire quickly and are now date-based. Sadly, Disney tickets now expire 14 days after you use your first day, so no more Forever Ticket options like 20 years ago, and they are also date-based, meaning that when you buy a ticket it will be for a selected day (for example, you can no longer buy a one day ticket to use on any day of the year, but rather you will buy it for a specific day, such as on January 24, 2019). Also, because tickets are now date-based, this also means that ticket prices can also vary from day to day depending on certain factors. An example of this would be a standard one day ticket for Christmas Day, December 25th, which currently costs $159. This is a higher price than December 2nd, which is $117, because of supply and demand and a higher percentage of guests wishing to visit on Christmas day compared to December 2nd. It is also important to be aware that Disney can change these prices at any moment, and has been raising prices quite frequently in the last several years, often without much warning.
  • Disney World frequently offers special ticket and package deals for both Florida and non-Florida residents. Special pricing and package offerings are actually quite common at Disney World and come in many different forms, so be on the look out for a great deal! One of Disney’s newest offerings is the Mid-Day Magic Ticket, which offers admittance to a park after 12:00pm. It’s a good idea to check Disney World’s official website frequently for these special offers, and also check to see if Disney’s calendar webpage lists their lowest priced months, as this is sometimes available (these are generally their “off-season” times, so ticket prices can drop quite a bit at these times). Visit Disney’s ticket page to see their current offerings.
  • MagicBands can serve as one’s park ticket. For tickets, however many day tickets you have purchased will be uploaded to your MagicBand, eliminating the need to pull out a physical Disney ticket card each time you enter the theme parks. This means that if you buy tickets for four days of your trip (e.g. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday), you will use the same MagicBand each day at each theme park and they will come preloaded onto that band.

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