Our TOP 5 Reasons for Why You Should Use the My Disney Experience App at Walt Disney World

From on-the-go FastPasses to finding where you parked, we cover our TOP 5 reasons for using the MY DISNEY EXPERIENCE APP while you are at the parks!

Most Disney guests are probably familiar with Walt Disney World’s official mobile application called “My Disney Experience”, and they most likely use it when planning their upcoming trips. We actually use this app quite a lot when planning our own trips and find it to be a helpful and convenient addition to our “My Disney Experience” accounts that we are able to access through Disney World’s website.

What a lot of people may not know, however, is that this app can also be especially helpful for guests to use during their vacation, not just before, and it can be particularly beneficial to use when in the parks.

We personally love to utilize the app during our vacation and our time in parks is usually more relaxed and enjoyable when we take advantage of the numerous offerings provided through the app. There are a ton of great reasons to use My Disney Experience on your mobile device during your trip, and we will definitely be covering all of these in some of our other posts and videos (including the recently added Mobile Order), but today we are going to start with some of the basics.

Here are our first TOP 5 reasons for using the My Disney Experience while you are on vacation:

1. Make and Modify FastPass+ Reservations

Probably the most common reason for Disney guests to use the My Disney Experience app is to make their first three FastPass+ reservations for each day of their trip (if you want to learn more about FastPasses and how they work, visit our FastPass+ quick guide page). This is a great feature on the app and it is the method we usually use when securing our initial FastPasses for Walt Disney World.

What a lot of guests may not know, though, is that you can also use the My Disney Experience app to make additional FastPasses or modify the FastPasses you already have.

How to Use the My Disney Experience App for FastPass Reservations
My Disney Experience app

Once you’ve used your initial three FastPasses for the day, you can easily select additional FastPasses one at a time using the app. So after your third FastPass reservation disappears from your plans in the app, you can then reserve a fourth FastPass. Once that FastPass is used, you can then reserve a fifth, and so on. Because Disney allows you to make additional FastPass reservations throughout the day once you’ve used your first three, the app is a fantastic way to search for any available FastPasses and secure them from wherever you are. You can still visit FastPass kiosks within the parks and reserve additional FastPasses the old fashioned way, but the app is often much quicker and more efficient than having to run all around the park to find a kiosk.

You can also easily modify an individual FastPass reservation right on the app. Whether you’d like to cancel a current reservation, change the time of a reservation, or change to an entirely different attraction, the app allows you to do this from wherever you are on or off Walt Disney World property. This is especially helpful if your schedule changes and you need to adjust your current FastPass plans, and it can even be useful if you’re standing in a long Standby line and a FastPass for that attraction becomes available. You should be able to easily change one FastPass without affecting any of your other FastPass reservations, but be aware that if you are trying to secure a FastPass for a different park without a Park Hopper or Annual Pass, you’ll have to let go of all your FastPasses for the current park you are in.

Also, be on the lookout for any Multiple Experience FastPasses that become available in the app. If an attraction that you currently have a FastPass reservation for ceases operation for any reason during your reserved time block, Disney will often offer a Multiple Experience pass so that you can go to a different attraction during that time instead. In this case, the app is going to alert you to any Multiple Experience passes that you have been given and provide you with the list of attractions that are eligible for this pass.

2. Make and Modify Advanced Dining Reservations

Just like FastPasses, the My Disney Experience app allows guests to make and modify Advanced Dining Reservations both before their trip and during their vacation. The same basic reasons for why you might want to make or change ADRs through the app apply here just like they do for FastPass. Also, Many restaurants and character dining experiences in Walt Disney World are extremely popular, so Advanced Dining Reservations are a great option in order to guarantee the opportunity to eat at one of these places.

My Disney Experience app

3. Check Attraction Wait Times and Show Times

The third reason it’s a great idea to use the My Disney Experience app is to check the standby line wait times and show times for any attractions you’re interested in doing that day.

My Disney Experience app

When it comes to ride wait times, the app can help you figure out if you want to head over to another area of the park (or even another park) based on how long you’ll have to wait for an experience before you get there. For example, if you’ve just finished riding Expedition Everest in Animal Kingdom and are considering heading over to Pandora to ride Avatar: Flight of Passage, you may want to check the standby wait times before you journey all the way across the park. If Flight of Passage has a three hour wait, then you may decide to look for a FastPass if one becomes available, or you may decide to go to another attraction instead. Being able to see the general wait times for attractions ahead of time on the app helps guests save time and energy that would otherwise be spent walking back and forth from one area of the park to another just to see what the standby wait time is for an attraction.

My Disney Experience app

For show times, the app provides the entire day schedule for each show or entertainment option. This is especially helpful if you want to see a once-per-day attraction, such as the Festival of Fantasy Parade at Magic Kingdom, and need to know what time the parade begins. It’s also helpful if you would like to see a show and aren’t sure if you have enough time between your FastPass or dining reservations. Being able to see when shows begin and their approximate run time can really help you plan your day more efficiently.

4. Find Transportation Options and Stations

Walt Disney World is a big place. If you’re more familiar with the California parks or even Universal Studios parks, then its easy to get the idea that the Disney World parks are located within walking distance from each other. However, this isn’t actually the case when it comes to Disney’s Florida theme parks, and it can unfortunately take quite a long time to get from one destination to the next on Disney World property. The good thing is, Disney has provided lots of free transportation options for their guests to get from one place to another.

My Disney Experience app

Using the My Disney Experience app to find the nearest transportation options is definitely a time saver during your vacation. Most often you will find bus transportation to and from the parks, the resorts, and even Disney Springs, but Disney also offers boats, monorails, and skyway gondolas depending on where you are and where you want to go next.

Not every transportation mode is available in every place, so it’s a great idea to check the app to see what transportation options are provided for your location and destination, as well as to find where the nearest station for that transportation option is located.

5. Check the Park and Property Maps

While Disney still offers paper maps for all of their parks, the My Disney Experience app also offers a Google Maps aerial view of the Walt Disney World property, including the resorts, which is especially great if you need to find something quickly.

My Disney Experience app

Even though things like restrooms and guest service locations are marked on the paper maps, the app has the capability of directly searching for these types of things, allowing the guest to find the nearest options much faster than a standard paper map.

The app can also help guests find which area of a parking lot their car is parked in since many of the lots are themed to specific areas. For example, if you parked your car in the Hollywood Studios parking lot, then you may have been directed to the Olaf section or the Jessie section of the lot. If you can remember which character themed area you parked your car, then the app can help you find the location of that area in the lot.

That wraps up our TOP 5 reasons for why we think it’s a great idea to use the My Disney Experience app while you’re on your Walt Disney World Vacation! We’ve got more tips for using the app coming up in future articles and videos, so make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube channel and are signed up for our Mouse Pals email list to have these tips delivered right to your YouTube subscription feed and inbox!

Also, if you’d like to watch our video discussing these TOP 5 tips that we covered in this article you can watch it below or on our YouTube channel:

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