Tips and Secrets for Walt Disney World Value Resorts – Hotel Offerings, Amenities, & Reviews

Are you wondering if the Value Resorts in Walt Disney World are a good choice for your next vacation? Our complete review and overview of Disney World’s five Value hotels can help you decide if you should choose to stay in one of these resorts for your next trip.

First, we discuss the main offerings that are standard for all five Value resorts, including food and shopping options, transportation, MagicBands, and other offerings unique to Disney resorts. We then we compare the standard room and family suite options as well as the price range for each. Finally, we talk about the main differences between the resorts and address what we consider to be the pros and cons of each.

This video includes topics such as:

  • Value Resort Overview and Price Range
  • Standard Rooms and Family Suites
  • Food Court, Gift Shop, and Pools
  • Free Transportation Options
  • 60 Day FastPass+ Reservations Window
  • Online Advanced Check-In
  • Complimentary MagicBands
  • Similarities, Differences, and Theming
  • Pros and Cons

We aren’t travel agents and we don’t sell vacation packages, but we do highly recommend our good friend Missy Millspaugh at Magic Bound Travel. You can learn more about booking a vacation with Missy on her Facebook page.

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