Expedition Everest 4K UHD Full Ride POV – Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park

Our 4K full ride point-of-view of one of Disney World’s fastest and most thrilling roller coasters – Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain – is now on our YouTube Channel!

After climbing to the top of the mountain, the explorers find that the coaster track has been torn apart by the Yeti. Soon after, the coaster races backwards in complete darkness through twists and turns until finally running into the Yeti himself. Both a screen projection of the Yeti and a giant animatronic Yeti make an appearance in this attraction (the animatronic version is near the end of the ride – you probably won’t catch it in this video since it is incredibly fast and dark, but be sure to look up to the right when you ride the ride yourself!).

This is an extremely thrilling coaster ride that is actually much faster in real life than it appears in this video. Riders feel a lot of force due to the speed and the second half of the ride is especially rough (see the moment in the video when the force pushes the camera down), so this ride might not be for everyone, but it is definitely a fun ride if you like super fast story-based coasters with lots of drops, turns, and surprises!

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