Complete Guide to Star Wars Galaxys Edge Mouse Pals

Guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Map, Reservations, Info, and Details

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is now open at Disneyland in California, and we can hardly wait to see it in person! We’ve covered this new land pretty extensively with past updates as they were revealed throughout the past several months, but now that the first Star Wars land has opened on the west coast, we’ve made an extensive guide to Galaxy’s Edge so that you can know all the details before you visit a galaxy far, far away!

R2D2 and C3PO at Disney World

This time around, we will cover the land layout and details for the restaurants and shops, as well as how the land opening will work for guests visiting the Disneyland version, including the special reservation system set up and what to expect. We will also discuss a little bit about what we might expect to see from the Disney World version of Galaxy’s Edge coming in August.


Land Layout, Attractions, and Offerings

While the 14-acre Disneyland and Disney World Star Wars lands are pretty much identical, it is important to note that the entrances will be different between the two versions – Disney World will open with two entrances while Disneyland will have three entrances.

Since we don’t have a full map version of the land on the Disney World App just yet, it may be easiest to compare the two versions of the land using the Play App. Taking a look at the images below, the first image is of the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge through Toy Story Land in Walt Disney World. If you compare this image to the second image, which shows two of the three entrances to Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge, you can see that the layout is very similar. The major difference in Disneyland, aside from an extra entrance, is the arched gateway over the far right entrance (which I have circled in red) and several of the elements are flipped 180 degrees. Other than these minor differences, this side of the land is virtually the same in both parks.

On this side of the land, you’ll also find one of the two new attractions, Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run, which will open with the land on May 31 in Disneyland and on August 29 in Walt Disney World.


Star Wars Galaxys Edge Play Map Disney World
Credit: Play Disney Parks App
Star Wars Galaxys Edge Disneyland Entrance
Credit: Play Disney Parks App


Moving over to the other side of the land, it’s difficult to tell on the Play app map exactly where Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance will be located, and we are guessing this has something to due with the fact that Rise is not set to open with the land on May 31/August 29, but rather in a second phase at a later date. Since this later date is still yet to be announced by Disney, it seems that they haven’t fully added the details of this attraction into the Play app just yet.

However, if you take a look at the full Park map on the Disneyland App, it seems to be that the entrance for Rise is most likely located on the far left side of the land, closer to the Grand Avenue entrance in Hollywood Studios and the Critter Country entrance in Disneyland, while Smugglers Run is closest to the Toy Story Land entrance in Disney World and the entrance through Fantasyland in Disneyland.

Disneyland Star Wars Galaxys Edge Map
Credit: Disneyland App


Play Disney Parks Map of Disney World Galaxys Edge
Credit: Play Disney Parks App
Disneyland Star Wars Galaxys Edge Land Layout
Credit: Play Disney Parks App



Star Wars A Galaxy Far Far Away in Hollywood Studios

We’ve covered the details for the new Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run and Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance extensively in several of our past articles, so be sure to check out our full discussion of both of these rides in our “NEW DETAILS Revealed for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge” article and the “Everything We Know So Far About the New Star Wars Lands” article right here on our website.

Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run is located in the back right corner of the land, closest to Oga’s Cantina, Docking Bay 7, and Dok-Ondar’s, while the entrance to Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance appears to be located closer to the far left side of the land closest to Resistance Supply. No official opening date has been announced just yet for Rise of the Resistance in either land, but we do know that Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run will open with the land on May 31 in Disneyland and August 29 in Disney World.

Check out our YouTube Video – Guide to Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – for a full detailed description of the Disneyland map!


Restaurants and Food/Beverage Stands

Star Wars Galaxy's Edge New Details - Mouse Pals

As we can see on the Disneyland map, there are a total of five food and beverage locations in Galaxy’s Edge. Here are the food and beverage options and their locations according to the Disneyland map:

Oga’s Cantina – Described as a “watering hole”, the concept art for this dining location looks quite a bit like the Mos Eisley Cantina from A New Hope. An extensive list of beverages will be available at Oga’s, including the Bespin Fizz and the Fuzzy Tauntaun, as well as some non-alcoholic beverage options. Oga’s is located directly across from the life-sized Millennium Falcon, which sits right outside the Smugglers Run ride building.

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo – This location is home to Chef Strong “Cookie” Tuggs who was once a chef for Maz Kanata’s place (Kanata and her cantina can be seen in The Force Awakens). This restaurant’s menu showcases full dining options, including unique entrees, beverages, desserts, and even a children’s menu. A complete list can be found on the D23 websiteDocking Bay 7 is also located pretty close to Smugglers Run and sits across from Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. 

Ronto Roasters – A more limited menu is offered at Ronto Roasters, but guests will be able to find a few food options as well as a few non-alcoholic beverage options at this unique eatery. Be sure to grab some tasty “space meat” while you’re there! Ronto Roasters may be quite busy for some time, as it is located directly across from Savi’s Workshop where guests can build their very own lightsabers. In Disneyland, this dinning location sits closest to the Frontierland (or middle) entrance.

 Milk Stand  – If you guessed that this beverage stand would offer milk, then you’d be right! More specifically, this stand will offer “milk” drinks of the blue and green variety as seen in A New Hope and The Last Jedi. In Disneyland, the Milk Stand is closest to the Fantasyland entrance, or far right entrance.

Kat Saka’s Kettle – This little place, which we are guessing is a stand, offers a specialty popcorn mix named the Outpost Mix. We don’t know at this time if it will offer anything else, but we’re sure that the popcorn is going to be out of this world! This dinning location appears to be quite tiny on the map and seems to be situated in the market place area to the left side of Ronto Roasters.

All of these food and beverage options are discussed in more detail on the D23 website, so be sure to head over there to read more and see some photos of what guests should expect from these new offerings!



Star Wars Launch Bay in Hollywood Studios

A total of nine shops are located in Disneyland’s Galaxy’s Edge. Each of these nine locations offer unique items that can only be found in the new Star Wars land:

The Droid Depot – Here you can build your very own droid to take home with you! These droids will cost $99.99 plus tax, and they will be interactive with the land. Pre-made droids and droid-themed products will also be available for purchase in this store as well. In Disneyland, the Droid Depot is located right inside the Frontierland entrance.

Savi’s Workshop – In this unique shop you can build your very own custom lightsaber based on one of four categories: Peace Justice, Power Control, Elemental Nature, or Defense. The official price for these lighsabers is $199.99 plus tax, and the Disneyland website offers more details on what exactly will be included in the experience and what you will get to take home with you. Savi’s Workshop is really close to the Droid Depot and directly across from Ronto Roasters. 

Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities – This shopping location will offer a variety of items, including ancient artifacts and holocrons. What’s more interesting is that this place is sure to be its own kind of attraction as it will be run by an impressive animatronic character, Dok-Ondar, which was revealed in more detail at the Star Wars Celebration Galaxy’s Edge panel. Dok-Ondar’s shop is located across from Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo near Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run.

Creature Stall – This little shop will offer toy versions of recognizable Star Wars creatures such as porgs, tauntauns, and wampas, and it appears to be in a market place-type area that sits to the left side of Ronto Roasters with Toydarian Toymaker, Black Spire Outfitters, Kat Saka’s Kettle, and Jewels of Bith. 

Toydarian Toymaker – Another little toy stand, this shop will offer plush, metal, and wood toys in Star Wars style. As mentioned above, the Toydarian Toymaker seems to be in the market place area.

Resistance Supply – A place where you can get all the Resistance-themed items and accessories you could want. Interestingly, Resistance Supply is the only shop located on the left side of the land nearest to the Rise of the Resistance ride.

First Order Cargo – If you’re looking for items themed to the First Order, this is where you’ll find them. In Disneyland, this shop is located right inside the Fantasyland entrance and across from the Milk Stand.

Jewels of Bith – We don’t know much about this little shop just yet, but we do know that it is located in the market place area alongside the Creature Stall, Black Spire Outfitters, and the Toydarian Toymaker.

Black Spire Outfitters – Not many details for this shop have been revealed, but judging by the name we are guessing that this will be a popular place for guests to find Galaxy’s Edge themed attire.

You can see some of the items that will be available in several of these Galaxy’s Edge shops in these photos from D23 near the bottom of the page.


Reservation System for May 31–June 23 in Disneyland

Guests visiting Disneyland’s version of Galaxy’s Edge will need a reservation to visit the land from opening day on May 31 through June 23, 2019. These reservations are available through two options. Those staying off-site are required to secure a reservation time to enter the land at no additional cost (though you will need a theme park ticket to get into Disneyland like always), however, these reservations are completely booked at this time. Currently, the only way to reserve a spot in Galaxy’s Edge during this time period is to book a hotel stay at one of Disneyland’s three resort hotels. Guests staying in these hotels are guaranteed one reservation per registered guest according to Disney’s official website.

AT-AT outside Star Tours in Hollywood Studios

These reservations will allow guests to enter Galaxy’s Edge at a certain time of day and remain for a specified amount of time before being required to leave the land. At this time, four hours will be the time limit in the land for these reservations, and colored wristbands will be given to guests so that cast members will know how long they have been in the land and if their time period has come to an end. According to The Orange County Register, Disneyland Vice President Kris Theiler has stated that they wish to keep the wait time for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run under two hours, so this is factored in to the reservation time periods.

No stand-by entry will be available for guests who were not able to secure a reservation time period in the land from May 31 through June 23, but general access without a reservation should be available after June 23 (though the park is still subject to capacity). Unfortunately, Galaxy’s Edge will also not be available during Extra Magic Hour or Magic Morning offerings at Disneyland – at least not at this time.


Virtual Queue “Boarding Pass” System for June 24–? in Disneyland

According to The Orange County Register, Disney has revealed that there will be a virtual queue system in place for guests visiting Galaxy’s Edge after June 23. While no reservation for the land will be needed as it will be from May 31–June 23, guests will need to a ‘boarding pass’ to get into the new land. This boarding pass is described in a Fast Pass-like manner, in which guests will secure entry into the land during a specific time period and then be notified when their time has arrived.

March of the First Order at Hollywood Studios

The OCRegister explains that guests with a boarding pass will be given up to two hours to enter the land once they have been notified and that there should be no time limit for how long they can stay in the land once they have entered. According to their article, boarding passes will become available each day whenever the land is full, so there may be times in which a boarding pass is not needed to enter the land, such as in the morning or at night when park attendance is generally lower. This boarding pass system is expected to begin on June 24 and continue until “crowds dissipate”, which may be a long time considering the long-lasting large crowds that new lands have experienced in the past.


Extra, Extra Magic Hours for Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World

No reservation system is in place for Galaxy’s Edge in Walt Disney World at this time, though it would not be surprising if some sort of system is announced at a later date depending on how the opening of the land in Disneyland goes. Personally, we are hoping for some sort of reservation system is developed for Walt Disney World as well so that guests are hopefully able to enjoy the land a little better without standing shoulder-to-shoulder with other guests in possibly six hour or more stand-by lines. Even if there is no reservation system in Disney World’s future, however, the good news is that Disney has announced Extra, Extra Magic Hours for a limited time available to Walt Disney World Resort Hotel guests and guests of select hotels.

Extra, Extra Magic Hours will be available August 29–November 2 for Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom from 7am–8am, while Hollywood Studios will have Extra, Extra Magic Hours September 1–November 2 from 6am–9am. Disney hotel guests will be able to access both Galaxy’s Edge and Toy Story Land during Extra, Extra Magic Hours at Hollywood Studios from September 1–November 2, 2019. While there are no Extra, Extra Magic Hours provided August 29–31, Hollywood Studios will open at 6am on those days for all guests.

As long time Star Wars fans, we are so excited and can’t wait to see Galaxy’s Edge in person! Make sure to follow us on social media (@mousepals) and subscribe to our YouTube channel so that you’ll see all of our future updates, photos, and videos from Galaxy’s Edge!

If you want to see our newest detailed video guide to Disneyland’s map for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, head over to YouTube channel and watch our video – “Guide to Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge – Map, Reservations, Info, Details”!

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